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By Colleen AF “Hated Showering Anyway” Venable, created with Marianne “Redwood Wrangler” Ways and Annie “Sawdust” Sanders

If you are like me and have trouble growing one of these on your own this is the craft project for you! All you need is some felt, elastic, and scissors and ears to hold your brand new facial hair on.

Download the beard pdf template HERE.

Here’s the things you need. I find gray and orange beards the funniest, but they should be made in moderation for maximum ridicuosity.

There are two ways to do this. Either flat or folded. I’ll show the flat method first. Just cut off some rounded corners.

Make a small hole for the mouth hole cut.

The elastic should be about half the length of your beard.

Poke a hole in the felt, either with the scissor point or with an awl. (Not to be confused with an owl, though if you try that it will surely confuse the owl.) Put the elastic through and tie three knots on top of eachother. Pull hard at it to make sure it’s sturdy and not going to slip out.

The first finished beard!

I generally like to use this first beard as an easier template than the paper one for the rest of um.

The easier quicker way to do this is to cut the beard when the felt is folded in half. If you want to try this way, just fold that template I gave ya above in half OR fold your first perfect felt beard in half and use that as a general eye guide.

Cutting the Stache.

Making a mouth-hole.

Stylin’ in a HOTT 30 cent beard!

Thanks to Mikey IQ Jones for pictures!