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By Colleen AF “Hated Showering Anyway” Venable

I love making these little guys, which are totally pointless, but really quick and adorable! I mean what’s a lumberjack without an axe?? (I do believe the correct answer is “someone from Seattle in 1993″ but let’s stick to lumberjacks for now.)

Download the mini-axe pdf template HERE. Trace it on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

(psst That’s the address for a Salvation Army in NYC on my hand. A great place for lumberjack shirts!)

Pay attention to the different sizes. Put the shiny side face down so you have super gleamin’ axes in the end!

Place the glue side down on the dull side of the aluminum and let it dry until it’s nice done.

Cut it down a bit and fold over the edges. No need to be super neat about this since it’s going to be the inside.

The ones I got were super cheap but super long, so I cut them in half. I liked using scissors, but there are other ways to cut um down.

Now put glue on the back of the axes.

Stick a half dowel in there (hint: looks most axe like if you let it show a bit on top)

Fold it over and line up the rounded edges.

Clamp it at the base of the handle to dry.

Ten minutes later…

Yay! Mini-axes!

Thanks to Mikey IQ Jones for pictures and mad dowel destruction skills!