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By Liam “What You Talking About Willow (Tree)” Duffy


1 pack of toaster waffles
1 pack of chocolate fingers
1 bag of bread crumb topping
1 bottle of syrup
1 tub of chocolate sprinkles
some cocktail sticks
a pocket full of Lumberjackerosity

Waffle Cabin Foundations

Waffle Cabin Base (a casserole dish, essentially…)

Waffle Cabin Ingredients

Cutting Out the Door-opening

Cutting the Window Pains

The Walls

The Walls With Windows Cut In

Waffle Cabin Walls Erected

hehehe, erected.

Snow-Covered ground

Winter Waffle Lumberjack Cabin

On Golden (Syrup) Pond

Check out the footprints

Winter fuel

Click for details!

Mmmm, waffley