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If there’s one thing lumberjacks love more than cutting down trees
it’s bad jokes about lumberjacks cutting down trees!

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What do you call a drunk logger?
A rum-berjack.

What does a lumberjack turn into after a sex change?
A lumberjill.

What did the really macho lumberjack eat for breakfast (and lunch and dinner)?

What does a lumberjack have in common with Sesame Street’s Count?
They can both count to tree.

I used to be a lumberjack, but I couldn’t cut it.
So they gave me the ax.

What did Tim say when it was so cold all he could remember was his name?

What do you call a place where lumberjacks and animals go to swim?
Fir Beech!

What’s a lumberjack’s favorite sushi?
The log roll!

What did the lumberjack say about the mathematician who couldn’t dance?
“Man, that guy needs to get some logarithm.”

Jason “Bunyanfoot” Reigal, Noa “Flannel of Love” Wheeler