Everyone knows that Lumberjack Day (or National Pancake Day) is wherever your heart (and chainsaw) is. Host your own party or simply go out for pancakes with your favorite burly friends.

BUT! If you happen to live near this year’s official celebration you’re in luck!

2016 Celebration:

The new official home of Lumberjack Day is owned by one of the original founders of the holiday! Daly Pie, the home of the official LUMBERJACK PIE.

2015 Celebration:

j’eatjet? in Brooklyn is all beards and fun.

2014 Celebration:

Junior’s in Brooklyn is the place to be.

2013 Celebration:

BAD Burger in Manhattan did some of the tastiest and craziest pancakes to date!

2012 Celebration:

Back to the iconic Juniors in Brooklyn for some delicious tasty fun.

2011 Celebration:

Dinner at Bubby’s Pie Shop, right over the bridge in good ol Brooklyn. NOTE: The dinner will be on the 27th, so this year Lumberjack day is 48 hours. Think of all the trees you can chop in that time!

2010 Celebration:

Back to Junior’s in Brooklyn, for some syrup-filled fun! Also the home of the 2007 celebration.

2009 Celebration:

This year’s celebration takes place at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda Maryland (SPX for those in the know or just those who like acronyms)

2008 Celebration:

In 2008 the party was hosted by THE BLACK RABBIT BAR in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Pancakes were given free to the masses and the bar made special lumberjack-y drinks that were sure to please your wooden heart. Thanks Black Rabbit! They are also an awesome bar to visit on non-lumberjack-related-holidays days.

The bar is awesome and wooden and located at 91 Greenpoint Avenue, which is right off of the G-Train Greenpoint Avenue Stop or about a 15 minute walk from the Bedford L-Train Stop.


More info about the bar: blackrabbitbar.com